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Where to buy feather cushion inserts?

Cushion House the custom made cushion experts are pleased to offer a full selection of feather cushion inserts. We offer off the shelf standard sizes to fit your throw or scatter cushions.

45cm x 45cm  / 50cm x 50cm / 55cm x 55cm / 60cm x 60cm / 65cm x 65cm and 70cm x 70cm in addition to the square sizes we also offer bolster cushion inserts, circular cushions inserts and oblong.

I need none standard size feather cushion inserts?

As well as standard size inserts we can offer custom made cushion inserts for any style and shape of cushion. We are custom made cushion specialists so making specific sizes is our expert field. What’s more we an Australian company and offer a fast turn around.

What is the difference between feather cushions and foam cushions

Choosing the right inserts can be just as important as the outside cushion cover. Just like a book it’s not all about the cover what’s on the inside of the cushion too is just as important.

Feather and down inserts are by far the most expensive option when choosing your inserts and the more down to feather ratio the more you’ll pay. Down is a natural material and a combination of the two makes a luxurious cushion. Scatter or throw cushions look great with feather and have the advantage of being able to manipulate  the shape more so than a foam or soft fill cushion.

Having a feather cushion on your seat and back cushion is also an option and again with this type of seat and back cushion it will mould to your body contours and give you that extra comfort (however not always to everyone’s liking)

Maintenance of your feather cushions, they will require regular plumping to keep their fluffiness and seat cushions are more likely to crease because of the softness of the feathers.

Foam or polyester soft fill cushions

Foam or polyester soft fill cushions are a popular choice. Soft fill is a more cost effective option for your scatter and throw cushions and do offer a nice shape however can not be manipulated as much as a feather cushion on shape. For your seat cushions Cushion House offer a full selection of low to high density Australian foams. Medium and high density foams for your seat cushions are the most popular choice. This type of insert gives you great seating comfort and with less maintenance.


So if you need any more advice on choosing the right cushion insert feel free to contact our experts at Cushion House who are all too happy to provide you with obligation free advice.

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