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Cushion House offer furniture foam cut to size and deliver nationwide (Australia only) to your door for any type of furniture. We have a wide range of specialist furniture foams for a variety of uses.


Commercial Grade Foam This is a high density foam and is used for the commercial industry which is made to take heavy commercial use, however we at Cushion House are very fond of the high density foam for seat cushions due to its excellent wear in high traffic areas.

Medium Density Foam We usually recommend a medium density foam for back cushions, this is obviously less resilient to a high density foam but is more than adequate for your back seat cushions as they are generally taking a lot less weight than your seat cushions.

Low density Foam A low density foam will initially give a good look to your cushions however this foam is not suitable for seat cushions unless they’re not going to be sat on! Many imported outdoor alfresco furniture cushions will come with a low density foam and it’s probably not until a couple of months later you realise the poor quality of these and are suddenly looking for replacement seat cushions.

Cushion House only offer Commercial / High density and medium density foam

What about outdoor furniture foam OK so what is outdoor foam or reticulation foam this type of foam is ideal for outdoor areas which are going to be out in the elements and will be getting saturated. Unlike indoor foam  which soaks up water and can take a long time to dry outdoor foam  is designed to allow the water to run straight through, With the outdoor foam for maximum effect we would recommend a mesh base to allow to dry more effectively.

Buy Australian Foam With our medium and high density foams we offer a 5 year guarantee and 10 year guarantee respectively unlike many imported foams which do not come with guarantee to last!

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