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Can my cushion covers be cleaned

It’s that time of year again and sadly summer is coming to an end and my personal favourite time of the year has arrived autumn. So we’re looking around at our outdoor settings and our sun loungers around the pool and deciding it’s time the cushion covers had a clean.

OK so prevention is always the best option but we can’t really tell our guests not to put their feet on the sun lounger or always prevent the family pet from taking a well deserved break on the outdoor furniture!

Cushion House offer to scotchgard™ your custom made cushion covers and the advantage of this is long term it will prolong the resistance of stains on your furniture repelling any liquids and blocking stains by pushing the stains away from the fibres allowing easier release from the fabric and importantly not affecting the look or the feel of your fabric. 

Always check the care label on your furniture fabric before cleaning your cushion covers, at Cushion House we only offer reputable fabrics to ensure a high quality product made to last.


Regular Maintenance

Vacuum your cushion covers on a regular basis this will ensure top dirt does not have time to embed its self in to the fabric. Where possible rotate your cushion covers on a weekly basis this ensures even wear and also prolongs the life of your foam inserts too.

Spot Cleaning

Sometimes there’s the emergency situation and the cushion covers need to be spot cleaned, always use a fabric detergent and if possible try in an inconspicuous area first, try to avoid over wetting the cushion allowing liquids to soak through to the cushion inserts and always best not to rub the cushion too much.

Washing Instructions

Always good to again to look at the care label where possible for your fabric. Check to see if your cushions have full length zippers for easy removal (Something Cushion House provide as standard) if not the cushions may be too bulky and may have to be sent to your local laundromat  Our knowledgeable team at Cushion House suggest not to exceed 40 degrees on your washing machine and use suitable washing powders that do not have optical brighteners and cleaning agents that are suitable for colour retention.




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