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How to Measure My Cushions

The advent of technology has brought lots of changes to the way we do things. Therefore, nowadays, you do not have to visit any offline stores to get any custom-made cushions as you can simply contact manufacturers and send the specifications of the desired cushions to them to get first-rate, customized cushions.

Whether you need alfresco cushions, patio cushions, outdoor cushions, and other types, you only have to make sure that your measurements are right so that the manufacturer can make the perfect replacement cushions you really need. However, measuring your cushions can sometimes be a challenge.

When you are considering how to measure cushion size or how to measure a cushion for fabric, the first thing you need to understand is that standard outdoor cushion sizes vary greatly. This is where Cushion House can help as we custom make all our cushions to fit to your exact required size, it will be difficult for any cushion manufacturer to make replacement cushions without getting the measurement of your cushions. Therefore, your ability to measure the cushions correctly will play a pivotal role in determining the final products that the manufacturers will be able to offer you. If you’re not confident to measure then let Cushion House take the measurements by simply sending one of each of your old cushions we can use as a template and return them with your new cushions.

  • Ensure that the cover of the worn-out foam is removed. Lay the cover on a flat, smooth surface so that measurement can be done seamlessly and easily.
  • Carefully measure the width and length of the cover. This measurement should be done from one seam to another so that all needed sides are accurately measured.

If your cushions are rectangular or square, the full dimensions would have been measured correctly through the seams. However, for T or L-shaped cushions, the greatest widths and length of the cushions should be measured first while the front portion of the cover is measured ear-to-ear later. Write these measurements in a paper to avoid forgetting them.

Once you are done, send the measurements to a Cushion House. The factory may ask to provide the details of the number of cushions you are ordering, the types of foams and fabrics they should be made with and other relevant things.

Get custom-made patio cushions, outdoor cushions, bench seats, window seats, Bali Hut Cushions and other cushions today at affordable cost by measuring your old cushions and sending the measurements to Cushion House Australia.

Cushion House Australia is a reliable and industry-leading company with experienced and skilled cushion experts. We are ready to go extra miles to utilize Australian fabric and foams to make eye-catching, custom-made cushions that will fit your specifications. Our expertise and experience allow us to make regular and unusual shaped cushions irrespective of the sizes.

Contact us now for your custom-made cushions in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, We offer a nationwide delivery service at a fixed fee.

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